Potent Web Hosting for Ad Traffic

We provide high-quality hosting for sites with ad traffic. Our hosting is designed to stay up under high loads and offer optimized performance for better conversions.

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Hosting for Ad Traffic

Hosting websites getting ad traffic requires both fast hosting and high-capacity.

  • Your pages need to load quickly so your ad visitors don't disappear.
  • Your hosting also needs to also be able to support the increased visitors coming from those ads.

The Problem With Shared Hosting

Shared hosting providers (think GoDaddy shared/managed hosting, Bluehost, etc.) put your website on a single, shared server that hosts a lot of other customers' sites. These are often large servers, but you are restricted and can be affected by other customers' traffic. For example if they receive a traffic spike, your site can be affected.

As a result, if you send a lot of ad traffic to your site, you will either

  • drop connections due to resource restrictions, or you will
  • be forced to move to a virtual private server (VPS).

A number of our clients have run into this issue, and that's why we developed our hosting.

Even if these hosting providers claim to provide "unlimited" hosting; it isn't. If you use "excessive" resources, you will be kicked off of the hosting and onto your own (more expensive) server, most likely a VPS.

The Problem with VPSs

After you are kicked off of a shared plan, you will be required to purchase a VPS. This will likely be $15-$20/month at a minimum for a single server.

This will have cPanel or WHM included on the server. While easy to use, these 2 are very inefficient when dealing with high traffic loads. They tend to collapse relatively quickly if you run ad traffic.

Keep in mind too that your server will be significantly smaller than the larger shared hosting servers. Often the shared servers will have 16+ CPU cores and 32+ GB of RAM. Most entry-level VPSs will have less than a quarter of that; around 2CPU cores and 4GB of RAM.

Your web server will likely exceed this if you're running a moderate amount of ad traffic. If you do exceed this, your server will either crash, or (most likely) you'll drop visitors. If you're unlucky, your site can be damaged (usually related to database corruption with locking MySQL queries). We've seen this happen to clients as well on these types of systems.

Our System

Our hosting is designed to support these high-traffic and high-speed requirements.

We use a multi-layer approach. When possible, our hosting gives your visitors a cached version of your site. Many other hosting providers offer this, but our systems are optimized for WordPress and sharing your traffic across multiple servers. Doing this allows our hosting to deal with large traffic spikes while maintaining flexibility when you need to edit your site.

Anything not automatically dealt with by the fast "front-end" caching layer is sent to the "backend" Apache web servers. Your site is hosted in a container similar to a VPS. This provides you the customizability of a VPS and avoids the issues of a shared hosting provider.

However, unlike with a standard VPS, your site is also mirrored across multiple servers. If one server runs into an issue, your traffic will simply switch over to another server. We also use this to distribute traffic if you're receiving a massive amount of traffic at any point.

Our hosting is designed for speed and flexibility. We can keep your site up even if a server goes down. We can handle high traffic loads while not charging you hundreds each month for a high-performance VPS. We can offer the fast load times and large-scale capabilities required for ad traffic.

Contact us today to set up your hosting. For more technical details, please see our main web hosting details page.